Dick Miller's
New Jersey RADIO Magazine
One Hour Radio Show
-  About the Radio Show -
A one of a kind radio show About New Jersey, Throughout New Jersey featuring What's Happening in the fresh, close-knit community that is New Jersey! Dick MillerIt's the talk, music, interviews and events around the corner and around the state that make New Jersey the place you choose to live and vacation.

Dick Miller's New Jersey RADIO Magazine is People, Places and Things that fascinate and inspire, entertain and interest you and your family. Around town and around the state it's Where to Go, Who's in the Know and What to Do.

It's Dick Miller's New Jersey RADIO Magazine, and it's all about You...

Dick Miller’s New Jersey RADIO Magazine began airing on radio station WHWH in Princeton, New Jersey on October 25, 1997. This one hour, fast-paced, entertaining and informative magazine-format radio program is syndicated to radio stations throughout New Jersey. Since it is syndicated, each station chooses the time and day the program airs.

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This is New Jersey...

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